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Chelle Deatrick
Ok look i may not be 100% perfuct or look like the type of girl u would date but i have feelings u know! and it hurts when u call me ugly yea im not as pretty as everyone thinks but yes i wear glass i dnt like them but i wear them so stop being rude!! ----------------------- YES!!! she let me wright on her profile.I'm sooo lucky.Well this my homie my bestie and I wont let anyone hurt her or i'll kill YOU!!Yeah boom I said it whatchya going to do BOOM!!Me and her sometimes fight and cuss each other out [i'm still sorry]but I will never do it again!She's the sweetet,nicest,cutest girl you'll ever meet I promise you that.I remember the first time we ever spoke.It was on dsiadventure she helped me with a girl I liked and we've talked since.XD oh i remeber on her birthday she was so excited about talking to her ex that night!It was ilarious but I'ma admit it I was jelous but oh well.Oh she's not a punk 0.0 BYE -Ethan Ashby
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I have alot ----------------------- If u are my friend and i trust u not 2 change my password i will give u my password andu cn right on my bio --------------------------------------- this girl is the most awesome person ive ever met shes my bestist friend i would do anything for her if you hurt her you will have to deal with me she also gives the best hugs well atleast i think so. x] i would wite some more but it would take to long and i would run out of room so i will end with this:your the best friend i have ever had and ever will have im glad you let me into your life your friend swag man.

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