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♡Jordan ♥
*update 1/18/12*Welll hellooooo you people that are sitting somewhere, how are you? Its jojojojojo!!-that was stupid. Well anywho, guess what? ... I said guess. Your not guessing..... Just guess... Well imma tell you...that.... Im....... In.... My house :3 that's the best news eh? Ohh btw if you read a word that doesn't seem right, im on a phone that has stupid autocorrect :T.. Yeah... Btw im not dyslexic ;p.. Ok well... I must leave this update now, and update another time... Mhmm... Yeah.... Btw if you want to put a bg image on your profile just ask me :) its a pleasure to do it for you. M'kay bye ;o___If you got a problem with me, you can go fuck yourself. M'kay? :)___Ok its weird how some people say, "girls/boys im taken BACK OFF HES MINE! Or sorry girls im taken" Well first of all, bitch, no one was trying to get your man or girl, so calm your ass, Second, your not a pimp so don't say "sorry girls/guys im taken"__ Aloha everyone, yes, I updated AGAIN :3 ok so just to let you know, im going to be coming on late 5:40- 6:00 California time, due to school and after school program.. But anyway, my name is Jordan Denina, im 16, im from Kaua'i Hawaii, I have a tiny little bit of phili, im not taken.. Im single and happy!__haha well, im chill unless you call me a bitch. Call me that, then you and I will have a problem___ my fav colors are aqua, and anything blue, I love to go to the movies, im a dan of almost all types of music except for alk that metal stuff, and... Ya__ my likes: nice ppl, cute, funny, interesting, smart, handsome, poetic, sporty..Dislikes: swag, idiotic ppl, annoying ppl, and boyhoggers.... I looovvvee to surf, swim, hang out, go places, and have fun. I also love animals.... Ish..
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